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Isolation: When Our Disease Makes Us Withdraw

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brrr...This is June?

Good morning friends! It’s 7AM and 46 degrees outside. If this were March I’d be ecstatic about the balmy temperature and sunny day. However, being June and all I’m ready to panic! I mean, we really didn’t have summer last year and after the deep freeze just a few months ago, I’d just hate to think I missed the warm weather already. I didn’t go outside every day just because the high temp was in the 80s because I figured it was only the beginning, ya know? This morning I have R2D2 running steady to heat up the room and it has nothing to do with a chill from the air conditioning. I even gave thought to passing on making a cup of morning coffee to get back into the room with my diligent space heater. But you know me well enough to know I stayed in the chill of the kitchen long enough to get a cup of my morning elixir!

Yesterday was Marco’s birthday! Our little boy cat-dog is 2! The kids all shared Savory Salmon Feast birthday cake at Marco’s party last night and David and I sang Happy Birthday. All three of the kitty-kids were so affectionate with the party spirit and even Marco joined in the singing as we held the plates of salmon feast and serenaded him.

My allergies seem to finally be calming down. It was especially bad this year, but I’ve read it just was especially bad; not just for me. I think the storms we had last weekend must have tamped the pollen down so it’s not flying all over. The rain made everything a robust green and made the trees full and healthy looking. The main drawback to last weekend’s rain is it was the festival weekend at the church across the street and the usual carnival sounds I enjoy hearing that weekend were too often interrupted by the sound of rain and thunder! The festival goers came back when the sun did, but it still hurts the church/school's fundraising when rain interrupts the carnival.

I never went to a carnival that I didn’t ride the Tilt-a-Whirl at least once when I was in my teens/20s. Usually I’d ride it a few times! Nowadays I really don’t go to carnivals; they set-it-up-for-a-week rides really aren’t wheelchair-friendly. It’s still great to listen to the carnival sounds and the happy screeching people on a warm summer weekend. But I’ve found that I can turn the speed up a little on the power chair if I have a smooth and a little open space and spin for some fun. I call that tilt-a-whirling! I can go around about 3 times and then I have the same feeling I used to enjoy at carnivals too! What is/was your favorite carnival ride or game?


Edna B said...

First let me say Happy Birthday to Marco. Poor Pogo, I was sick and missed having a party for his birthday this year. I'll try to make up for it next year.

I'm with you on this wicked crazy weather. I had the heat on these past couple of days. Today finally got up to 60 again. I can't complain too loudly though, because the rest of the country is having to cope with severe weather and floods.

My favorite ride at a carnival has always been the carousel horses. ie, the merry go round. I like the tilt a wheel too, but the horses are just so beautiful and gentle.

My front door has been close for a few days, but today it is open and Pogo is in his glory. He loves sitting by the storm door and watching whatever is happening outside.

I've gabbed enough, now I should see what's for lunch. You have a wonderful day Nani, hugs, Edna B.

Bev said...

I'm glad you are feeling cold...as I feel cold too... June??.... there are hardly any leaves on our trees!!