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Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Monday; Yeah, Whatever.

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Really I’m well known as one who has always loved Mondays; the fresh new start to a week, the opportunity to make a general plan, and all plans are always “this or something better.” But this particular Monday the 4PM temperature at the airport is 08. Remember that I won’t leave the 8 all by itself like mean ol’ Mother Nature.

Yesterday was an awful day for me; lots of pain and stiffness and in general blahs. I’d remembered the doctor saying I could take an extra pill of my light narcotic during the day if I was in a lot of pain. I double checked with David who was with me that day and he confirmed that I heard the doctor right; she said I could take another one if I needed it, specifically if I was having a lot of pain getting in and out of the bathroom when the water pill was doing its thing. So I took a supplemental “analgesic narcotic.”
You know since it’s a pill I usually take at bedtime I’ve never been awake to actually feel what the pill does. Oh wow! I didn’t feel anything weird, like a recreational drug taking control away or anything, but I felt, well I felt less! My arms and shoulders were really bad because they are responsible for supporting me and dragging my lower body in many places. The pain in my arms was just dull, the pain in my shoulders almost done. My lower back pain was almost nonexistent and my legs were more comfortable than they’d been in recent memory. I called the doctor today. I asked her receptionist to leave a message asking her to change my prescription to two a day instead of one. Because it’s a narcotic, it has to be a paper prescription and can’t be called in to the pharmacy. I need it refilled but I have 6 pills left. I won’t take the extra again without her okay to keep doing it. I don’t want to run out either I have a feeling it does more to let me sleep at night than I realize! But if I am able to safely take a daytime pill it will be fantastic. For taking one yesterday afternoon and then last night. I’m just now (5PM) starting to feel pain again. I want that every day. If we could work out a three times a day weaker dosage to keep the pain at bay, it would be heavenly!

I read a great article last night from the Washington Post about my favorite beverage! The nation’s top nutrition panel says “drink more coffee!" Americans only average 2 cups a day of the beverage they’ve discovered to have many health benefits. The benefits way outweigh anything that could be said bad about the caffeine. Be careful about how much you add, like cream or sugar, to your coffee though!

Multitasking, yes, I still do that, means a blog I started at 4 gets posted at 8. I have some artsy stuff to chat about in the next few days and Marco says he needs to write a blog. For now, g’night!

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Edna B said...

I'm so glad that you've found a med that can ease a lot of your pain. There's really no need for you to be in so much pain all the time.

I can handle the dull to achy, but then after that I reach for my med bottle.

As for the coffee intake, mine is rather lacking. I used to drink several cups a day, but a few years ago I started drinking only a cup in the morning, and maybe a cup in the evening on my way to work. I know it is supposed to be beneficial so I may have to work on having at least two or three cups a day again.

Last week, while watching a gardening shopping program on TV, I saw a palm tree that is guaranteed to grow in temps as low as minus 15 degrees. I immediately thought of you. Wouldn't it be cool to look out your window in the middle of winter and see a palm tree growing in your yard!!!

Today I want to do some laundry so that I can finish packing my suitcase. I also want to finish off the blue afghan. Only four more rows to go. Woo Hoo!!

I think I'll wait until tomorrow when it is a bit warmer to go and do my errands.

Now it's time to figure out what's for lunch. You stay warm Nani girl. Hugs, Edna B.