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Friday, February 20, 2015

Broken Record

That’s a record for this day in Toledo history. Actually, it’s the coldest it’s ever been in Toledo on any day in February in recorded history. In the Naniworld that’s officially called “beyond stupid-cold.” Oh my! As an adult with Raynaud’s disease as a special friend to my MS, I’m once again staying indoors. I think that’s my biggest source of wintertime blues; I’m pretty much in hibernation with a cave but no sleep! Can you imagine how grumpy a bear would be if it was in the cave all winter and weren’t asleep?

I was reading a news poll one of the TV stations from Detroit did on Facebook. The poll asked if kids should be off school because of the temperature. I was amazed, even though I shouldn’t be, t the number of comments about raising kids to be sissies and “in my day…” comments. There was even a comment that said “most parents can afford to properly dress their kids for the cold,” like the word “most” in that statement is okay!

I grew up in Metro Detroit. We most certainly did not go to school on days like yesterday or even today which is starting out at -11 and going to a high of 15. There weren’t days like that to debate. “A new record low” means it’s NEVER BEEN THIS COLD. That makes “when I was a kid we didn’t get to stay home because it was cold” make you sound like a bit of a moron. The winters are getting unpredictably worse, much worse than my generation grew up with. We are breaking records for cold temperatures in the Great Lakes region, they have no place else they can put the snow that won’t stop in New England, they are bracing for ice storms in the Carolinas and Tennessee and let’s not forget the weather that was more of a mess than predicted that shut down Atlanta last year. The climate is in a period of unrest. It doesn’t matter why you think that is, there definitely IS a change from what we’ve known as “normal.”

The meteorological unrest is happening faster than we can adjust to it. If this is what will become normal, there may be a day that there is cold weather protocol for school kids, even adults. Maybe there will be e-learning snow days and more telecommuting or maybe they’ll develop an affordable super thinsulate that can keep kids safely warm while they wait for the bus and adults free from frostbite when they scrape ice form car windows. Maybe they’ll create more effective snow removal or something that melts ice on roads in sub-freezing temperatures without beating up the roads too much. And maybe there will be seminars where states from the south can get ideas for setting up winter weather plans from the states in the north that always had snow “when I was a kid,” but that’s not today and it wasn’t yesterday. Yeesh!

Everybody be as safe and warm as you can!

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Edna B said...

Oh Nani, I feel so bad for you that is so cold. Stay cuddled up in warm layers. At least until Spring gets here. Of course, we are just assuming that Spring really is going to get here.

In my lifetime, I have never seen so much snow fall in such a short time, with so many storms one right after the other.

We had lots of snow when I was a kid, and it seemed that we had more "snow play days" then, but I don't remember any severe cold like what seems to be happening now. Of course that was a hundred years ago, and maybe I don't recall so good.

I do believe that this is all because of changing climate. Do you think that man will ever finally agree to see what can be done (and actually do it) to slow down this wicked change? That's if it can be slowed down.

Today the snow is falling and Joe is outside shoveling. We'll get to try out the new roof rake too. Joe will use it to get the new snow off the porch roof.

Pogo and I are going to be packing our bags this week in hopes of heading South next weekend. I'll take some pix of the palms for you.

Now I'm off to find some fun mischief to get into. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.