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Friday, July 18, 2014

It’s Good To Be The Queen

Behind Orange Eyes
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Daddy has talked about getting me a cat-tower for a long time but he couldn’t find the right one. But now he did find one! It’s so cool! It’s tall like him with a throne on top that I can just disappear in when I’m sleepy. That’s important because I need my cute-rest and Marco always bugs me. If I’m hidden on the throne top of my tower I can’t see him so he doesn’t bug me so much.

This cool tower is made out of carpets so I can scratch and climb. It even has three seats so I can rest at whatever level I want. I let the other cats lay on the spots I’m not using. Sometimes they try to sit next to me and I have to set them straight. Carla’s only tried that a few times but Marco is always trying to make me move. As if! Why would I move on MY tower just because he says so? He’s a cute kid sometimes, but sometimes he needs to be set straight.

This is how it should be on MY tower!

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Edna B said...

Kaline, you look fabulous on top of your tower! It's good that there are two lower seats for your sibs so that they don't bother you while you are on your throne.

What a great place to sit and watch TV or just soak up the sunshine. Enjoy it. Meow, Edna & Pogo B.