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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Quiz; Locked IN Heaven

Oh the title is about my answer to #4. Happy ear worm now.

Joining Heather and Wayne at Acting Balanced and Touriustic.

1. What did you do for Mother's Day?

I watched baseball and scrapped. I don’t have kids and I’m the matriarch, so Mother’s Day isn’t a huge deal for me anymore. Carla and Kaline didn’t run off like they usually do when I sit on the bed to relax and read a little after the shower and there was no vomit or hairballs all day. Maybe that was my Mother’s Day gift!

2. What was the best advice your mother (or a mother figure) gave you?

Of course I’m paraphrasing a major piece of advice Mom gave often.

If you can’t be happy with yourself and by yourself, what joy can you offer anyone else?

If there’s a man that’s worth it he won’t want to change you and if there’s not one who is worth it, you don’t need a man. Love yourself and respect the people that love you enough to know they are more than enough to fulfill you. Create the you that’s right for you and you’ll never “have to” find a man. When you are right for you, you’ll be able to love a man for who he is and not what he can do for you. If you can’t do that for him, you can’t expect him to do that for you.

I think back specifically to the guy I dated who “loved me” by the end of the first date and wanted to pay my bills in the second week, I realize that was the type of man Mom was warning about. I was happy to run away from a potentially controlling and needy relationship. It wouldn’t have worked; Mom taught me to be okay with myself and he showered me with attention to the point of smothering because he needed me to soothe his insecurities the same way. I just didn’t have the proper insecurities to do as I was told. I could have been a beaten and bitter woman by the time I met David and not good enough for him. Glad I listened to Mom!

3. Are you gardening this year? What have you/will you plant

I pretty much plant perennials when I can afford them and someone can help plant them (Hi Kelly!) I suppose I’d have a vegetable garden if I had the physical ability and perhaps once we have a ramp, with the help of the power chair, I can plant a tomato plant and some basil I can water so it doesn’t die. I had ONE sprig of basil from a whole packet of seeds but I couldn’t get to it to water it and I kept forgetting to ask David to. I guess I should stick to wonderfully indestructible baby rubber tree plants!

4. What is the first song that comes to mind today?

Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars. I can’t NOT move when it’s playing.

See the video here.

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5. What’s one thing you do that “they” say you’re too old to do?

Um, speaking of Bruno Mars…My taste in music is a little eclectic, but I totally love current pop and R&B music. When you think of Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Drake, Pitbull, most people don’t immediately think “married middle age white girl.” Fortunately, music really doesn’t care about age, race, sex or even marital status.


retired not tired said...

I love your mother's advice. My mother said much the same - learn to take of yourself first.
I am not too old to travel.

edshunnybunny said...

Great advice from your mom :)

Yes, no vomit or hairballs could be considered a great Mother's Day gift!

Edna B said...

For Mothers Day, I worked, caring for someone else's mom. It was a long shift, and when I got home, my Pogo showered me with doggie kisses. Oh happy day!!

As for the gardening, I want to plant everything I like. However, most all the physical work is done by someone else. Usually Joe, one of the dwarfs. I help with the pruning and whatever else I can.

I'm very happy with the "old" music. The kids' music hasn't been a favorite of mine for many years. My radio dials are set on "music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and Willie's Roadhouse country music. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

marvimarti.com said...

LOVE this question. For me it is having pink streaks or tips in my hair. It is bleached right now and the pink is just fun. But I am told by the ex hubby and a few others that I am too old for that.

blueyes said...

I LOVE Bruno Mars. Did you know he is only 5 ft 5? Kinda short I know.

I don't think I've been told I'm too old for anything yet but I'm sure it's coming.