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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worldwide Photo Walk Day

Last year I stumbled on to the date for this cool photography event. When I was working on proofreading my 2010 scrapbooks I got to the page for Photo Walk Day last year, July 24, and was worried that I missed it this year. Okay, I didn’t have any bookmarks or reminders for it either. (I do now!)

Worldwide Photo Walk Day was started by Scott Kelby, who is an instructor and writer of Photoshop and photography books and President and CEO of National Association of Photoshop Professionals. This whole thing is becoming more and more right up my alley! It’s only natural and in sync with the Photo Walk Day that I get my shots on my Photo Walk and use Photoshop to make a scrapbook page with my favorites from the walk, right?

The tentative dates for this year are October 1 & 2. Scott had taken some suggestions from readers at his blog and spread it to the 2 days of the weekend to make it more schedulable for anyone that wants to participate and moved it to the fall in hopes of getting better temperatures. Last year, David and I were in Port Deposit, Maryland and the thermometer in the car read 90 degrees at 9 in the morning! October 1&2 not only promises the hope for cooler weather, but it also has fall colors potential!

I’m going to be better prepared this year. I bookmarked Scott’s blog and follow him on Twitter. Last year we did an unofficial Photo Walk, that is David and me in an historic old city in Maryland, where we happened to be chasing trains anyway. This year, I’m going to give it a little more pre-planning. Maybe I’ll contract some friends who are into photography and see if we can organize a group and a place. There are pretty cool group shots from last year on Scott’s blog. It might be cool to have a small groupm four or five of us, in Frankenmuth or something and do a group shot to send in. We’ll see if this manifests into something. If not, I’ll still be concentrating some effort on my own!

So, here is the scrapbook page I did for WWPW last year in Port Deposit, MD.

Credits: I hadn’t really thought about posting this
at the time, so I didn’t record the credits. If anyone
recognizes the kit or template, please let me know!

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Edna B said...

I did not know of this photo walk day, but I think it's a super idea. I'll check out his page and give it a try. Although I already try to photograph something everywhere I go. Actually, I try to take photos as close to daily as possible. Thank you for the info. I'm off now to check out his blog. You have a grand day. Hugs, Edna B.