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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Twitter CAN Do!

Marbles4ms Note Cards

Yes, I have a little fun with Twitter, now that I’m using the account I signed up for a couple years ago. I follow baseball players, other Mensans, a couple of railroads and a few MS organizations/tweeters (tweeps). I’m followed by some fellow Mensans, David’s work account and a couple of people I don’t know, but follow me because we have some like interests.

One of the cool things on Twitter, albeit a little loose in security, is that you can check out someone’s interests by seeing who they follow. Example, if you checked out who I follow, you’d know I was a Reds fan and you might think I was a Yankees fan because I follow Curtis Granderson. Granderson was traded and went from being my favorite Tiger to a Yankee I love even though he’s a Yankee. So, you see, checking out who someone follows is not a guarantee of knowing their interests. From what I follow on Twitter, you’d probably guess that I, or someone close to me, have MS. It’s from that tidbit of information that I became followed by a few supporters of MS research, including Marbles4ms.

Marbles4ms is maintained by the parents of Connor, a 5-year-old boy from New York whose Mom and Aunt have MS. Connor wants to raise awareness and money to “Fix Mommy and all the people with MS.” I watched a video from the local news on the Marbls4ms website that just brought happy tears to my eyes. The love and unalterable hope in Connor is just beautiful beyond adult comprehension. Kids are like that. They have unconditional love and faith.

Connor does art that he sells. He uses marbles dipped in paint and rolled in a cigar box on paper to create his modern art images. He sells those original artworks for donations. For a $5 donation, you’ll get an original artwork. Donate $20 and your piece will be signed by the artist. Remember that Connor is five. The signature takes some extra effort! You can also get a set of note cards with prints of Connor’s work. I made a donation for the note cards, each with the web address and Connor’s story on them. I think I may make another donation for a signed-by-the-artist work too.

Please check out the Marbles4ms website! Connor is just over $200 shy of his current goal, to raise $600 by his 6th birthday on Sunday, July 17. I have 35 listed followers at The Chronicles of Nani. If we all donate just $5 through PayPal for one of Connor’s works, we can get him almost to his goal. That’s roughly the cost of one large Frappuccino with tip.

If Connor meets his current goal by Sunday, I won’t wake up able to run a marathon, but I’ll feel like I was one of the ones who crossed the finish line of one having played a part in such a great birthday present.

Thanks to everyone who chooses to take part and thank you, Connor – You are AWESOME!


1 comment:

Edna B said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. What a talented young boy. He has such an unusual and pleasant style of painting.

Of course, I had to have those notecards. I surely hope he meets his goal.

I'm sure that when the Holidays get closer, he will be able to sell quite a lot of his art. Hmmm, I see ideas forming in my mind.

It's time for me to get ready for work. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.