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Monday, January 10, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

After Halloween to Christmas, the sweet days, comes January, and into February, the Feisty time of year! What better way to get a little zest than TABASCO® Original Red?

Now if that suggestion sent a fire alarm off in your head and nothing else, you’re only getting half the picture! Tabasco is so much more than just hot. Original Red is a simple combination of salt, red pepper and vinegar that has been around since 1868. The aging process produces a sauce that enhances and makes the natural flavor of food pop. Myself, I like to splash a bit of it in my low sodium vegetable juice. You read that right, Tabasco and Low Sodium. A shake of Tabasco Original Red has no calories and only 30mg of sodium, only 1% of the RDA. For me, Tabasco is the secret ingredient to making a healthy, but bland drink a spicy fiesta!

Italian Poor Boy Sandwich

Italian Poor Boy, peppers, cheese and a Kick!

Mom’s recipe Italian Poor Boys marry bell and hot peppers with mozzarella cheese. As a rule, I don’t keep a lot of hot peppers on hand and when the caving for the meal with a kick from my youth hits on a snowy night, a few dashes of TABASCO® Original Red gives my Poor Boy that zest just like Mom’s did. By the way, that’s ALSO a low fat, low sodium diet wonder!

Now, since I’m going on about the diet plusses of Tabasco, let’s talk about how to keep that healthy vision into February. You know what I’m talking about. A healthy Super Bowl? I looked at some of the suggestions in the Game-Day Party Menu There are wonderful ideas and recipes for wonderful chili and dips.

Remember, moderation for healthy! A bowl of Game Day chili and veggies with hot crab dip or cheese dip. And don’t forget, Tabasco is the key to Pizza Perfected! My tongue is tingling with the thought of those on Super Sunday. I think I should add another bottle of TABASCO® Original Red to my shopping list! There is also a recipe for a couple of spicy munchies, including spicy popcorn!

My favorite football watching food goes great with Super Bowl chili. I make Oyster Bombs. Splash a dot into an oyster cracker. BOOM! Spicy, feisty, tasty! The great thing about those is the cracker tames the fire a bit and what you’re experiencing is pure flavor!

Okay, it’s snack time now! Join me?

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