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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The last two weekends have been all about Wedding gifts and favors, nieces. When I got married, I got 4 new nieces, 2 adults already, and when my brother got married again, I got one more, also an adult. I’ll take a moment to give props to Tori and Rina, the originals with whom I share DNA. They have always been such awesome nieces that I found it easy to open my heart up for more.

Two weekends ago, I finally got the opportunity to meet the two adult nieces from David’s family. Sarabeth and Deborah were the bride and matron of honor, respectively, at the wedding we attended! It was a gorgeous wedding at a country club in the DC area, There were mushy speeches and many tears of joy. Even the men at our table were misty when they heard both nieces sharing warm and fuzzy stories about their Dad, who was crying hardest of all!

That part of the family is a very devoted Christian family that testifies by living lives that inspire rather than coffee shop preaching. I overheard a guest saying that she was so amazed at how wonderful and loving the family is. That she thought religion wasn’t a priority in marriage, but she was thinking maybe she really wanted to fall in love with “a believer.” All I could do was think, THAT is how it’s supposed to work, “they’ll know we are Christians by our love.” It was pretty cool to hear that and be in that atmosphere.

This past weekend, we were in Indy. My most recent niecely acquisition Amanda, Dave’s step daughter, is having a baby! When Dave got married to Laura, he became the Stepdad of 2 adults, Amanda was already married and she and husband, Aaron, were in the future planning stage as far as adding a baby to law school workload for Amanda, who is starting a new job with a big Indy firm. Our second nephew in the “great tier,” Deborah has one of each already, is due at the end of next month/beginning of December.

We went to Indy for the baby shower, well, co-ed baby celebration. I helped Tori with some of the food prep. She is so good at that stuff. I remember that she used to always ask me if she could take my schedules home after holidays or dinner parties. I always make a schedule for the week before and two hours before when I plan events. Some call it “anal-retentive,” but it has kept me with parties and dinners happening on time and without a slip for years. The girls knew those schedules well when they were helping me out. Yes, those schedules allow for 8-year olds helping and things still going smoothly! I never wondered too much about what Tori did with the schedules she took home after the evening, but I guess she read them and filed them in her organizational brain! I remember the stress at the end when doing my part in getting ready when I was 16. Heck, there’s still occasional stress now. But in a few years, she’s going to throw some great parties on her own! I hope I’m invited once in awhile!

My brother’s back yard is huge for outdoor parties, but indoors is a little small for the number of people there. Still, it was comfortable and there was room for everyone to watch the gift opening and to go to and from the table for the appetizer selections and the cake. We had the first part of our gift, from the baby registry, sent right to them, but I really wanted to give the second part in person. Aaron and I share a love for the Reds. In fact my brother has commented about the “Tell Davonna,” “Tell Aaron,” messages with his own, “We’re family, yeesh, exchange numbers!” (But it’s much more fun to play telephone about the Reds through him, especially when the Red Wings are playing hockey!) I wanted to make sure that the new great-nephew was geared up for his first Opening Day! I found a Reds onesie, baby bib and booties set – perfect!

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