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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nani! Where Ya Been??

David pointed out that it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. He usually just mentions it to me if Kaline’s blog is behind, but it’s very odd that I let The Chronicles of Nani rest almost a month. Non-blogging life has been really full.

First off, school is really stressing me. I just taking Intro to Security this semester, but it’s making me crazy! I don’t get it. That’s an uncomfortable place for me. I’m trying to understand the concepts, but it’s only comng to me in little packets. It’s like my braincompu9ter has a virus – vital parts of the information aren’t getting to me!

Now, being able to use what I’m studying as a metaphor should make me feel a little better, but I just hate being muddled and confused! The part 6that really sucks is that I got my grade for the midterm, which is a huge part of the final grade. I got 210 out of 200 points, an A with extra points and it was an essay test. What’s frustrating is that I could manage that, but I couldn’t talk my way out of a paper bag in an interview! I’m setting myself up to be a lifetime Dean’s List student who can’t get a job!

Next semester, I’m taking a couple of web developing classes and a break from the technical stuff. As much as I want to move into the more lucrative technical area, I may be stuck in the creative area. I’m at least going to have enough of the technical creative knowledge to secure something above minimum wage!

I had a wonderful long weekend at the beginning of the month! Kelly, my platonic soulmate, who lives in Missouri, came to visit while David was on fall vacation. Kel and I keep in touch through email, Facebook and long phone calls, but we don’t see each other nearly enough, not like when we were in the same state! We hadn’t seen each other in the flesh since my 40th birthday! I probably would have had blog-time then, but it was totally girl-time!

Kelly, Scotty and Nani

We’re both Michigan natives, so a chunk of Kel’s visit was visiting in Michigan. We met up with Scotty on Friday. The first thing we did was get some balloons. We’d planned to do a balloon release for John as soon as we were all three together. It was a gorgeous and clear day without too much wind, so the balloons were visible for a long time as they sailed up and out of site. That contemplative time between release and the disappearance from site is the most emotional part of the balloon release. The weather giving us a long time was a blessing.

John's Balloons

After lunch, we went apple picking. Well, okay, Scotty and Kelly went apple picking. I sat at a picnic table at the cider mill with my Kindle. I start therapy for the disc problem in my back tomorrow and the doctor tells me I can be apple picking again by next year. That’s a good goal to work towards!

My Dad returned from his vacation on Saturday and invited us to dinner at his place on Sunday. We went up to Frankenmuth, to Bronner’s, the Christmas Wonderland store, in the morning. Kelly had been all over Frankenmuth, but never to Bronner’s and I hadn’t been to Bronner’s since Mom died. It was a nice morning! Kelly bought some stuff to take home as souvenirs/Christmas gifts and I found one gift for later and one for now. I brought David back a beautiful Siamese cat ornament and when I told him on the phone I got something for him when he got home, I gave the clue “meow,” he guessed, “You got me a Siamese cat ornament!”

After Bronner’s, we went to Pop’s. He made grilled pork and chicken kebobs with an assortment of grilled veggies and Italian bread. After dinner. We sat and talked for a while, reminiscing and catching up. We had done a portrait with Mom on one of Kelly’s visits home back in, I think 2002, a close up of our faces, Kelly and I both have framed copies. Kelly wanted one with Pop too, so we took advantage of the auto time and screen that flips for self-portraits and got that shot. Now next time I’m in Missouri, I want one with her Dad too!

Our six, too short, days ended on Tuesday. Kelly does the Children’s Church on Wednesday nights and while her Dad did her adult Bible class on Monday, he wanted nothing to do with the 12-year olds! We had breakfast at iHop and then double checked Kelly’s car packing before a long, long hug goodbye. I missed her by Tuesday afternoon!

I’ll write some more SOON! (and I mean it!)

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Edna B said...

So good to have you back!! I was just checking again and if you were not here,I was going to send you an "I'm getting very worried about you" card.

Your photos are great! I can't chat very long today, lots to do for Moo today and tomorrow. I'll get back to you when things calm down.

You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.