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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Party Time!

Sweeties 16

That’s a picture of my Sweeties 16! It's from their luau last weekend, learning to hula! What an awesome party that was! There were games, swimming, Hawaiian dancers and a roasted pig! That was a little creepy to watch cook, but it tasted SO GOOD! I got to meet some of the girls’ friends at the party. They have some really nice friends. Not surprised, their friends are as cool as they are.

Here is David and me at the luau:

I’ve been a happy Reds fan this year! About time, huh? It's September and David isn’t laughing at me when I talk about the post season!! The kids have more to say about that on Kaline’s blog, including Carla’s blogging debut! Check out Behind Orange Eyes!

Pretzel M&Ms

I have a new favorite M&M! The icky Crispy M&Ms are gone and now the Crispy character is the spokescandy for a better M&M!!

I love, love, love these! They are the perfect meeting of sweet and salty with MUCH less fat and calories than other M&Ms or other chocolate candies.

After Taking advantage of a beautiful, although cool, day to chase some trains today, we’re looking forward to more of the same on our holiday weekend tomorrow and maybe one last minor league baseball game before the playoffs. I hope everyone in the US has a great Labor Day weekend and that all of the visitors at The Chronicles of Nani enjoy a safe and happy rest of the week!

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Edna B said...

wow Lady! I love those shirts!! Seems like the party was a complete success. As for the roasted pig, I don't think I could have eaten any of it. I don't deal well with my food cooking with all its fingers and toes and head and eyes. Nope, that's when the peanut butter tastes extra special. Or even a mayonaise sandwich. Anything, as long as it doesn't look as if had been running around and playing shortly before dinner.

Things have been rather busy here trying to get all the work done on the house and in the yard before the Fall weather sets in. I was so hoping to have green grass before then, but we will see.

I just got home from work and haven't been to bed yet, so I'm off for a nap soon. You have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.