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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This One’s For Edna

Bring your own coffee, I have the black forest cake!

I’m sorry that I’ve been so scarce lately! Edna is a sweetheart for looking in on me. Thank you for missing me, my friend! :D

Okay, truth be told I’ve been crazy-busy yet at the same time, there’s not been much to talk about.

I finished 2007 in my scrapbooks and those pages are uploaded and ready to print at Inkubook. I’m nowhere near staying kept up with 2010, but I’m really trying to get a page a day in the evenings to get that back on track.

I’m working on a project for Rina’s and Tori’s Sweet 16 party. Can you believe how OLD they have gotten?? It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in a production truck on Labor Day with a beeper on a chain around my neck waiting for the page to call to get the news that I was an Aunt!

Okay, just the fact that I was using a pager kinda screams of a LONG TIME AGO, doesn’t it?

They’ll be celebrated with a Hawaiian Luau at the end of this month! It’s before they’ll actually be 16, but with the promise of warmer weather for a pool party. My brother just moved to a new house with a pool, so that has now become part of the Hawaiian theme! I’m happy it gave me an excuse to buy the safari shirt with the palm trees I was strangely drawn to in a catalog. I’m also kinda happy that I had to return the Capri pants I got to go with it and get them in TWO sizes smaller!

My house is making me insane! I have to get the clutter of boxes sorted out and organized. I have major cleaning to do! I feel like half of Grandma’s house ended up here and I’m in great jeopardy of not being able to do anything for Christmas this year, which honestly, will devastate me!

See? Crazy-busy with uninteresting stuff!

School starts this week with an on campus class and test prep. There is another thing that keeps me from blogging too often! I am hoping to start my regular features up again in September. Kaline has also been bugging me for some computer time because her blog is behind. (Her Daddy has been bugging ME about it too!)

So, I’ll be back more often soon! I have a few things coming up that require my attention, but I really hope to have things organized in some semblance of useful order for the fall. Then I’ll be back with apples and pumpkin spice and a look back at WOW I really did do a lot this summer!



Edna B said...

Gosh, that cake looks so yummy!! Can't wait for my coffee to get here. I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying your summer, and especially your family. This is good.

It does seem to have been quite a hectic summer all around so far. When it's finally over, I'm going to look back and say "Are you sure I did all that?"

As for your classes, you'll do just fine. What a grand thing to be looking forward to. In the end, schooling is always grand to look back on.

Do take a photo in that Hawaiian shirt. And don't forget the matching capri pants!!! When the kids are grown and parents themselves, they'll look back and cherish that photo!

Have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

seamhead gypsy said...

Yes do hurry back soon. I may not always post a comment, but I do look in and read. Lately I felt a little lost however...

Tirza said...

Hi, Nani, I came to tell you I'll miss you again this year in the designer contest at DSS, but I can hardly get past that black forest cake. LOL

Veelana said...

Hey Nani,
great to see that you're well - and great news about the capri pants - let me guess - no black forest cake?
*grins* I have to come here more often :-)