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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunch Break

Who said black cats are only decoration at Halloween?

I’m still in my jammas, but it’s not at all because it’s a lazy day! Today is crostada day. There is much dough, rolling, flour all over the front of me on crostada day. I’m not the shower-dress-repeat type! So, today I’m baking in my jammas so the flour gets all over them and I don’t end up wanting to shower twice. Not that showering twice is that awful, but it’s a waste of water to shower twice when I knew to begin with that I’d be flour-covered!

I do need to be sure I’m dressed, war paint and everything, when David gets home because we’re going out tonight. It was 52 weeks ago today that I called Kelly and told her that David wasn’t my boyfriend anymore. The first of many fun ways we told people about our marriage! One year is actually tomorrow, but unlike last year, when David was working nights, so we could run out to the courthouse and get married with our other errands, we have a schedulke of normal things going on and toinight is a better night to celebrate our anniversary.

I’ve been a married woman for a year tomorrow. Wow. I really didn’t think I’d ever be with a guy long enough to get married at all, but here I am an “old married lady.” I guess he really does like me, huh? I kinda like him too!

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to see Grandma in the morning and stopping at Pop’s on the way back. I need to drop off the roaster part of his electric roaster that he sent the Thanksgiving turkey carcass home with me in to make soup because my cousin, Lisa, needs it for a warmer for Christmas Eve when she hosts the family fish dinner. My Aunt and Uncle and my cousin and his family will be getting into Detroit early tomorrow evening from San Marino for the holidays. I’m pretty excited about that! I see my Aunt a little more often, but not that often and I haven’t seen my cousin, Stefano, since before his kids were born and his son is one of my Facebook contacts! Dave, Laura and the girls will be at Pop’s later tomorrow. When I stop to drop off the roaster, I’m also dropping off four crostadas and a brownie tin. I usually bring Lisa a Davinities treat as a hostess gift, something for her family to enjoy after they host the party. I’m also bringing the two crostadas to add to the dessert options. The other two crostadas are for Pop and Dave. There is one more that’s staying home!

I’m dropping off because there is a chance David and I might not make it on Christmas Eve. We’re monitoring the weather forecasts closely. We won’t be there until after dinner anyway. They usually east around 5:30ish on Christmas Eve, which is about the time we’d be leaving after David gets out of work. There is the threat of a wintry mix, which would slow us down to getting there as everyone was leaving if it’s bad enough and we’d be turning around and driving through it again! I’m planning my grocery shopping for tomorrow afternoon with the thought of being home Christmas Eve in mind, but still hoping we can make it. If not, we’ll make plans to see my relatives from Europe this weekend and we’ll probably visit my brother’s family in Indianapolis in January. So, with the solid backup plans set, I wonder if Murphy will bother paying off Mother Nature to keep us home? I have NEVER been a big fan of Murphy and his silly laws anyway!

We have our Honey Baked Ham for Christmas dinner and I’m going to make scalloped potatoes and zucchini medallions to go with it. I think I’ll get some broth and use the homemade capelletti Pop gave me for a soup course too. Christmas is usually a quiet and private day for us. By then we’ve spent the revelry days with David's side of the family, my side and our friends for the UNO party and a nice day, just us and the cats, is very peaceful!

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot more homemade gifts this year. I say that because the baking aisle at the grocery stores seems to be clearing out much quicker than usual at this time of year! The crostadas are much fluffier than usual because the store was out of all purpose flour! I made a couple of little tartlets with some of the leftover dough so I could try the consistency and flavor of the crust. There’s really no difference in taste but they seem lighter. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I’ll see what the others who taste it think.

The last crostada is ready to go in the oven and three and four just came out. Since the last of the flour all over Nani part is done and they take 40 minutes to bake, I’m going to shower and dress now and pop the last one in the oven when I come back downstairs.

And then, The 2009 Davinities are done!

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Edna B said...

HJAPPY ANNIVERSARY I wish for you many many years of love and happiness.

I love your holiday stories. You have such beautiful rich traditions in place. It's really wonderful.

Merry Christmas to you and David and all your furry kids from me and Tootsie and Moo.

Hugs, Edna B.