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Yes, I’ve been gone a while…a long while. I’ve had some other physical and subsequent mental issues. I don’t really want to talk about them. It enhances the stress and potential depression. I read an article that explains the MIA from blogging probably better than I could.

Isolation: When Our Disease Makes Us Withdraw

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Weekend Playlist

Music is actually quite important in my world. Don't read too much into my song library, accept it that, like that library, I'm a very eclectic person. I like so many different kinds of music and individual songs for so many different reasons. Sometimes it's the mood the music puts me in, or the beat when I feel like dancing, sometimes the words strike a chord, or it’s the memory of the event or person.

I can truly enjoy music from a variety of genres at a time. That's something that David doesn't understand and sometimes it makes him a little nuts. (he he)

Here is a five song section from my entire music library on shuffle for this weekend:

Fireball, Pitbull
Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood
Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath
Chains, Nick Jonas
Hero, Family of the Year

Hero inspired an art journal I did a few years ago. It was on the playlist I was listening to when I was meditating for relaxation. As I reached the point in the meditation where I was relaxed and I was no longer controlling the images in my mind but letting them control me, I saw myself sitting around the bonfire on the beach with a bunch of people I didn't know. I walked to the beach and started to dance.

Meditation, whether it's to the spoken word or music, became important me back in 1990. Specifically it was listening to a self hypnosis tape at bedtime on June 12, 1990. On June 13 I woke up and didn't have a cigarette. In fact on June 13 this year I acknowledged 28 years since I smoked. I'm not at all saying that quitting a vice is that easy. I truly believe that you have to really want to quit for yourself and then you use the crutch that's best for you. Meditation worked for me and introduced me to fast and deep relaxation that got me through 2 intense years of classes at 3 different campuses and 3 different part-time jobs to Finish earning my bachelors degree. And now I find it's a wonderful way to relax and let my own brain make me feel a little more positive on my worst days.

I'm not saying it works every time, but when it does it's a wonderful thing.

I'd never seen the official video for Hero until I decided to watch it before writing this blog. I laughed at how different my art journal page and the video interpret the song. But I enjoyed the video because I love watching bull riding!

1 comment:

Edna B said...

Good morning Nani girl. I've been missing your smile. It's so good to see you back again. I thought maybe "isolation" may have been part of the reason why you weren't blogging, but I really did not know. I do know about depression and wanting to be isolated from everyone and everything around. It's not easy, and if I can ever help you, just let me know.

I've been dropping by every so often and it makes me smile to know that you are working your way back to blogging. I don't any of the songs on your "five song" list. But then I don't listen to the radio very often anymore. I understand the wide variety though.

I read through that article you refer to and found it quite interesting. I think it holds true for other diseases too. I think about you often. It's good to see your smile again. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.