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Monday, March 6, 2017

When "New and Improved" Actually Is Improved

I'll be amongst the first to say to be wary when a product is "improved." The worst are "Better Flavor" or "New Recipe, Same Great Taste" what if I liked the flavor the way it was? If the "great taste" is the same, why did the recipe need to change? I admit that, as much as I've always loved the restaurant and they make what I've loved as my favorite sandwich for a long time, I haven't been to Panera since everything on their menu has become "clean." After "cleaning" will my Bacon Turkey Bravo taste "soapy?"

But this is not about the Bacon Turkey Bravo. I do not come to bury Panera's Caesar salad. I don't even know if it's dead. I come to address a greater scare than cleaning my favorite sandwich as an adult. Campbell's messed with my ultimate comfort food since I was a child!

Classic look of Campbell's Chicken and Stars

I don't remember a sniffle or tear that wasn't "cured" with Chicken and Stars soup.as an adult it has always been and still is the soup I go to when I feel the need for something to make me feel warm inside. So imagine when just after I turned 50 the stars were different! Remember, I gave myself permission to be proud of my AARP years and complain about things that used to be better. This would be an easy thing to complain about being bad because it changed. But, we'll...

The new stars in Campbell's Chicken and Stars

Instead of the solid little stars of my first half century, the stars are bigger hollow stars. Well, they look more like stars and you can actually chew them. The old little stars just kinda slipped down my throat. It could have been a trainer for taking grown-up pills, to swallow something whole with liquid. The new stars make the soup a little heartier. It also reduces the choking hazard. But the best part is that so many of the old noodles stuck to the can, pan or bowl! The new hearty noodles ALL come out of the can and are much easier to spoon out of the soup cup; every last one!

Now I think I'm ready to get a Bacon Turkey Bravo, or at least pop open a can of Chicken and Stars for lunch.


Edna B said...

I have to agree that I am not fond of constant changing of the recipes and tastes of the foods that I love most. I never really ate that soup though, so I can't comment on it. It's the tomato soup and the chicken noodle soup that I grew up with.

Pogo and I are going home today. Well, at least I'm going to attempt it. My breathing is not so good and there is no oxygen on the plane or in the airport. I'm keeping my toes and fingers crossed that all goes well.

It's kinda sad to leave all this beautiful warm sunshine behind. It doesn't look as spring is in much of a hurry to make it into New England. Ah well, I'll keep hoping.

You have a super weekend,hugs,Edna B.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I came to your blog to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog on the loss of my Snowball. While here, I spotted this post - I had a cold a few weeks ago and sent my hubby for chicken and stars- I was so upset by the stars. I don't like change.