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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Are You Wearing?

After a false alarm on my new chair, I haven't been bright and chipper me lately. The chair visited here last week and I sat in it, even drove it a little. The steering is just awesome and I can't wait to get out to a nice even parking lot or even the mall on a slow day so I can try out tilt-a-whirling with it! The seating system it's going to take some serious learning of the new controller but it seems like it's going to be really great to. Unfortunately the ability to actually sit up straight needs adjusting. There's no way that I could eat or drink and hope to swallow without choking in the angle it leaves me at in the totally upright position. It had to go back into be adjusted. I'm waiting now to find out how long that's going to take.

Well I didn't get to go to Indianapolis last weekend Tori texted me the link to watch both the baccalaureate on Saturday in the commencement ceremony on Sunday online. Upon seeing the seating area the truth is I probably had a better view than I would've had in person. I certainly wouldn't have been able to get this:

VERY proud Nana we'll be dragging out her chauffeur, AKA Uncle David, to visit Tori and take her out to dinner very soon after the new chair comes in to stay.

In the meantime I've been in a little low and without enthusiastic desire to do a lot. That includes reading and writing. I've been very slow about the book I'm reading, even though it's a good book, and when I've read blogs, I'm somehow without the creativity or energy to comment much. Of course I haven't been up to writing a blog much either, except well, I guess I'm writing a blog right now. *smile*

I present 5 questions to wake up my mood and mojo. Please feel free to share your answers in comments or on your own blog!

Life Inventory:

1. What are you wearing?

Knee-length cotton dorm shirt with donuts print.

2. What's the last thing you ate?

The last of my daily carrot and celery munchie bowl. Yes, I finally got David to pick out celery for me to go with my carrots. He does a great job!

3. What are the first three songs on your music playlist? (or your current favorite 3 songs)

The first three currently on my iTunes, starting with what’s playing now:

Say It’s Not True - Lionel Cartwright
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Fall - Clay Walker

4. What is the last purchase you made that was something you wanted, not something you needed?

I spent three months’ saved scrap budget at Ginger Scraps to kick off interNational Scrapbook Day weekend at the beginning of the month. (Great sales!)

5. What's your favorite electronic game? (phone, computer or game console)

I've been playing Toy Blast often lately but my favorite is really Jigsaw Bug. I love jigsaw puzzles on my tablet because no pieces get lost! (or become cat toys)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the issues with your chair. Hope they get it set for you. Also sorry you didn't get to go Indianapolis but glad you got to watch it! That is a really cute dorm shirt. Take care....

Edna B said...

Oh gosh, what else can go wrong??? I hope your chair comes back to you really soon. I don't blame you for being crabby. I love doing jigsaw puzzles on my laptop. My program lets me make puzzles out of any image so I have tons of puzzles. I find it relaxes me and gets rid of a lot of stress.

Today, SIL Eddie and his friend are working on finishing my bathroom re-do. Who knows, I may even be able to use the shower tonight!!

Pogo and I went out to do a couple errands this morning, and in a little while I want to go out with my camera and takes photos of any new blooms. Joe tells me that one of my huge irises has blossomed. Today a whole bunch of yellow roses blossomed on the new yellow bush. I have to say they are beautiful!!

Nani girl, I hope your day turns out to be a fantastic one. I love seeing that beautiful smile. Now I'm off to find some mischief to get into. Hugs, Edna B.