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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Santa Paws Is Just Awesome!

Behind Stripes and Spots

I needed a break after playing with Wobbert

This was such a cool Christmas! We got lots of treats and toy mousies. Two mousies jungle and two of them make real squeaks! But the best thing I got was Wobbert! Here’s Wobbert’s video:

Isn’t Wobbert cool? Mommy says Wobbert is a “Feline Tickle Me Elmo.” I don’t know what that is but she says that everycat wants a Wobbert this year. Well, yeah. Did you watch the video? How could anycat NOT want a Wobbert?

I’m not so sure about the name on my present. It didn’t say Marco it said Share. Mommy and Daddy have called me nicknames before but Santa Paws is the first one to call me Share. But it’s okay to call me Share if you’re giving me edible string!

That is the part of the video I don’t get. How can you play with Wobbert when he still has chicken-string? When Mommy loads him up like the video shows, the first thing I do is eat the yummy string. Mommy gave a piece of string to Carla and one to Kaline. Neither one of them liked the string so when Mommy stopped holding me against my will, I got the extra pieces of string right away. How could they not like edible string??

We all play with Wobbert and get him to drop treats for us. Kaline platys with him a little, but would rather have human staff just give her the treats. But I admit Carla is pretty impressive. She can get a treat from Wobbert almost every time she hits him! One time she hit him a buncha times and got treats for all of us!

We also found out my Wobbert is better than games for people-kids because Mommy heard that one of her people-kid cousins got a new X-box that wouldn’t play his old X-box games! Santa Paws sent a present from our friend, Pogo, in New England. It was a whole bag of Meow Mix treats, which are very yummy treats by the way, thanks, Pogo! Mommy put some of those treats in my Wobbert and they worked great. Take THAT X-box!

Mommy said maybe she should get another Wobbert since we all like to play at the same time when she loads the treat holders. I think that's a good idea. If she got the girls a Wobbert I could eat all the string since they don’t like the string.

It was a good Christmas!


Edna B said...

Oh Marco, I love your Wobbert. You're very lucky because our house kitties don't have one of these yet. Hmmm, I'll have to tell their humans about this/

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and that Santa Paws was so good to all of you. He was super good to Pogo too.

When Pogo and I watch the fireworks displays on TV on New Year's Eve, we'll be thinking of you and your sisters and wishing you all a really great new year. Here's hoping that 2016 is awesome for all of you. Hugs from Pogo and me.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Santa Paws brought a Wobbert to my fur babies too, but, they don't too much care for the string....they do love the treats though! They also got one of those Cat's Meow toys (with the tail under cover that runs around in a circle) that keeps them occupied for hours...the batteries last a good while too! with 5 of them, they need to stay entertained...LOL! Usually one of them is on my lap or on my computer desk helping me type...ROFL! Here's hoping you are feeling much better each day! Hugs, Mat