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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mentioning Many Things

Yesterday was election day. In odd-numbered years the ballot is smaller and the lines at the polls are too. After our mayor died earlier this year, the interim mayor, Paula Hicks-Hudson, won the special election and is now our duly elected mayor. I kind of knew where I was going with my vote, but I was swayed away from voting for Mayor Hicks-Hudson with what I considered a major faux-pas when she addressed Halloween and the weather with cold and forecasted rain during trick-or-treating time. She had no intention of postponing the time and it’s not me worrying about the kids that made me talk back to the TV. She could have said it was bad for general scheduling. She could have said after the last couple of years it sets an erratic precedent. Heck, she could have said with the election so close I just have too much going on to address it - get wet or go to the mall. It would have been a TON better than what she did say days before the election. Her defense for not changing the time for trick-or-treating started “In MY day…” She went on to talk about being from the area and going out in the cold and rain and all, but the parenting mindset is different now and I’m from this area too; it’s been colder and rainier than it was when I was a child. But the big thing with saying that so close to the election is that I don’t want to vote for someone who freely admits that “their day” was 50 years ago. I want to see my city move forward with someone who’s day is TODAY.

Oh yeah, and don’t start pointing fingers at parents “who should” put coats on their kids; the idea of a kid, regardless of what their told, not wearing a coat over a costume is as old as a child catching a cold not buttoning up her coat because Zuzu didn’t want to crush her flower.

In issues, I’m sad that the citizen’s initiative to legalize marijuana for personal and medicinal use was voted down. For me personally, I wanted to see the medicinal use be a legal option for people with chronic pain. I don’t think that’s necessarily me, but I have a number of friends who qualify. The recreational use wasn’t a big deal to me, but I don’t drink much either. Pot is less inhibiting than alcohol and not addictive. It would have been available for 21 and over, like booze, and couldn’t be smoked in public places except in designated smoking areas, like cigarettes, which are also more harmful and addicting. It saddens me that misinformation swallowed by people who don’t use a product makes it unavailable to people who could medically benefit from it and keeps it illegal, high-priced and often dangerously laced to make the profit higher for the illegal sellers for the people who will keep using it anyway. Score one for the pushers.

I am quite happy that the issue that creates a bipartisan process for drawing districts passed comfortably . I will admit the 800,000 people who think gerrymandering is a good thing frighten me.


November promises to be an exciting book month in Naniland! I just finished the last book in the Rare Traits trilogy. I love those books; David George Clarke is an incredible writer! I hope to read more from him, maybe even a fourth book in the trilogy? Douglas Adams did it. The hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy had 5 books. Sure, that works for that trilogy because it’s humor, but the point is that more than 3 books in a trilogy is not unprecedented.

I’m currently reading Hell’s Corner, the last book of David Baldacci’s Camel Club series and I have a list of new in November stuff now! I’m definitely set for reading material through November and likely into December. An e-reader fixes my dyslexia problems but it doesn’t make me a fast reader. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that although I read slower than an average person who reads a lot, I only have only ever had to read once because I have great reading comprehension. That was a plus all through school and a godsend in college where the reading assignments were multiple chapters to discuss in the next class a couple days later. Considering I never took a semester that was only one class, TGFRC! It didn’t take any math skills to know the reading comprehension scores on those standardized tests were essential for-multiple chapters + slow reading + dyslexia to equal success!

My preorders on parade started on November 1, when I got the email telling to refresh my Kindle app to load Pyramid Deception by Austin S. Camacho, the new book in the Hannibal Jones series. If you’ve read any of my book reviews, you know I love me some Hannibal Jones! Two days later Alan Jacobson, my favorite current author, released The Lost Codex and on November 17, David Baldacci’s The Guilty, new in the Will Robie series will be released. I preordered The Guilty and The Lost Codex both in early September. So if I fall off the radar for a while, it’s because I’m sitting in my recliner with the reading apps on my iPad IV tapped into my brain! Okay, maybe just relaxing with Buddy Bat (my iPad by name) and coffee in the IV!

And score one for Nani for name-dropping 5 authors I love in three paragraphs! ;)

Saturday is International Digital Scrapbooking Day

One would think that one of the good things, aside from more reading time, about being more of a shut-in the past few months has been more scrap time. (Although there have been a lot of days where I’ve somehow been on the phone so I can to try to break free from the mobility siege or cleaning things.) While I’ve been able to do more scrapping, I have looked but not bought anything new, choosing to save my monthly scrap-stipend for right now! I’m emptying my wish lists and the saved scrap allowances for the %40-%50 off sales! A few stores have already started great sales that run all week; great to get kits now and use them for chats and games on Saturday.

I’ll end today with a few recent layouts I’ve done. I’ll be enjoying some new scrap toys very soon! :D

Carla’s greeting card from Halloween:

Credits: Black Cat by Little Rad Trio

From our casino night when the girls turned 21

Credits: Class Is In by Just Because Studio and LJS Designs

My annual homage to pumpkin and spice and fall things nice!

Credits: Pumpkin Passion by Lindsay

And finally, I did this one with a leftover pic from our reception weekend in 2009 to commemorate our 6th anniversary last December.

Credits: A Love Like this by Pixelily Designs, beautiful On The Inside 
by Aprilisa Designs, Hazel by JayaPrem’s Hangout, Tenderly by
 Craftastrophic Designs, Template by Oklahoma Dawn


Winged Heart said...

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about Digital Scrapbook Day also. First of all, I rarely buy anything that is not CU as it seems pointless since I get so little actual scrapping done when I'm designing. It has to be something I really, REALLY love for me to buy anything PU. Also, with the concert coming up, I'm flat broke. The darn hotel, with taxes, is $189 for one night! I think we should have occasional allowances from SS Disability to have some fun...call it mental health care!

As for Adam Lambert live performances, there are only a gazillion on You Tube. While I adore his individual albums (especially the current one, "The Original High," I absolutely am stark raving mad over his work with Queen. If you go to YT, search for Rock in Rio from a couple months ago. Just fabulous stuff. Of course, I like Queen anyway and feel honored that I was able to see them when Freddie Mercury was still alive. I had never heard of Echosmith and still haven't listened to any of their music. You mentioned Journey... I also saw them years ago and they put on a great show. Someone else I really liked live was the Moody Blues...saw them at Blossom with the Cleveland Symphony. It was divine! Talk about marijuana, the air was full of it at that concert!

Girl, you hit my feelings about the marijuana issue right on. It really helps with chronic pain and since I have some awful muscle spasticity, it helps my body relax so I can wind down and exhale for awhile. To me, alcohol is a much bigger issue and is worse for the body, especially with complications from GI issues like I have. I used to smoke often back in my 30's and 40's, when I had a job and could afford such luxuries. And, contrary to popular propaganda, it didn't lead to anything else. IMHO, if you have an addictive personality ANYTHING can become a destruction habit; even sugar, caffeine, etc.

Well, hope you and your toe have a great November. Go check out Adam and let me know what you think. Will talk to you again soon. Love 'ya!


PS Love the layouts, especially the Pumpkin Season one, Have you tried Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese? It's great with soft pretzels! YUMMY!

Edna B said...

Well, I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the marijuana issue. It was passed for medical use around these parts, now it seems that a good portion of the state is occupied by very sickly folks in lots of pain. So many healthy folks that I know have already got their scripts from their doctors to get this "new medicine."

I do realize that it is very helpful for folks with chronic pain. My hubby used to use it for this reason. As for the cost of this medicinal dope, it seems that it will cost the same as the street grass. So I'm not sure what the gain was here.

Oh well, it doesn't matter because I don't use the stuff. As long as no one uses it around me. I can't stand the smell of it, and I don't like the way it makes me feel when I breathe it in.

On a happier note, your scrap pages are wonderful. Like you, I like to wait for the good sales before I buy my stash. A lot of good sales are happening now, and I've already got me quite a few new kits. I'd rather make QP's than design the actual kits.

Today, Pogo and I are going to take a ride to the park so that we can enjoy some of this fabulous weather we've been having all week. It's sunny and 74 degrees. Hard to beat!!

I'm off now. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.