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Friday, March 20, 2015

It Only Takes A Few Drops

(Nani grooving to funky music)
 “I’m up all night to get lucky…”

What a great Friday!

The garage door opener tech-guys were over bright and early to find out why our garage door has been open for a few days. It was stuck and David thought he hit a rest button that made the button in the garage work but none of the remotes worked. The service call was almost $100. It would be plus parts if they could fix it, half could be use towards an all new opener if they couldn’t fix it and if hitting reset cleared the boxes it would probably be money spent so they could click a couple buttons and say goodbye. Well, it needed a part that they had in the truck, put it in and the door opens fine again. It cost much less than we feared it could, but it was indeed necessary to pay the service fee and have them come out.

How about another for today? David and I want to go see Lindsey Stirling in Michigan in June. I was in charge of finding out what the venue, that I haven’t been to since long before the wheelchair days, has for accessible seating. They have wheelchair spaces and chairs for companions and the level area right behind the pavilion seating. But since the accessible seating in the outdoor theater is just outside of the pavilion cover, the seats are priced as lawn seats. $25 for a concert!

Now, as for my title and beginning of the blog; how could the day not be just golden for me? Let me back up a bit. It’s my few drops of Irish blood this St. Patrick’s Day week, you see. I guess that even though those few drops that gave me green eyes and summer freckles is from the orange side of the flag, the Irish blessing still applies. I have slowed way down in my music, books and scrapbooking allowance every month since Christmas. Two gift cards for Christmas loaded up my iPad with books, so I haven’t suffered there and I’m conservative with scrapbook supplies I buy and only shop sales, but there hasn’t been more than two new songs a month where I used to give myself a limit of ten a month. Since I hadn’t bought a song in quite a while and was dying to hear that Daft Punk song, Get Lucky, I bought it yesterday evening. No, the song is NOT about Irish luck, but that doesn’t matter.

On St. Patrick’s Day Ginger Scraps had a contest that I joined in on. There was a list of 23 designers and those who played along were to torture themselves by going through very one of the 23 stores and pick out one kit that you’d want if you could have any kit in their shop and put the title and link to it in your document with the 23 titles and links. It really was having some fun and helping to promote the store, part by beefing up your own wish list. One lucky player would be selected at random and actually win their entire lit!! 23 designers and the average cost of a kit is about $6. It’s an over $100 prize! When I read my email this morning at about 6:30AM there was an email alerting me to a private message at Ginger Scraps. I’d forgotten all about the game on St. Patty’s Day and I wondered if it was something about the last layout I posted there. The title of the message; “You Are The Lucky Lady!” I was the random selection! I won 23 kits!

I am floored! I am excited! How cool is that??

Then there was the happy garage door fix and at noonish, l logged on to Facebook because the iPad said I had a private message from Jill, of Created by Jill Scraps. Jill’s one of my favorite current designers. I get her newsletter and I have a separate folder in my scrapbook cross reference file because she doesn’t sell at a store where I usually do challenges and want to access her kits quickly when I scrap. I’d left a comment on her Facebook page in a “leave a comment to win” thread. A random winner would receive her new in store today kit. Guess who is Ms. Random again today?! After posting here I’ll be on my way to Pickleberry Pop to download my new kit!

I’ve had some struggling days since the end of last year. A day like today, a Nani is a lucky winner day, well, if that’s not a great way to say “Happy Spring First…” I guess an all-expense paid trip to Florida or Arizona, but I don’t recall entering anything like that to be surprised about. But it’s been an awesome day to say good riddance to another winter.

Now I’m turning up the Daft Punk and heading to check out that Pickle Barrel!

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Edna B said...

Wow! Congratulations Nani on your wins. What a wonderful way to start a brand new season. I am so happy for you.

One of these days, I may get back into scrapping, but for now I just want to get my Christmas afghans finished. I found a couple of patterns I want to try once these are done.

I found a few tiny green sprouts in the yard yesterday. Now if only we could get rid of all the snow in our yard.

Yellow is the color of Spring. Do take a photo of your pretty yellow crocus. We won't be seeing any yellow here for some time yet.

Now I'm off to find something tasty for my furry little guy's lunch. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.