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Monday, November 3, 2014

Sales and Art

David has shopped a couple places for post-zombie sales. Last night he found a pack of a half-dozen Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins and a box of Pumpkin Spice K-Cups for half price for me and for himself a 6-pack of mini 7-up cans. This is three goodies and 2 talking points. I’ll address those in just a moment.

This afternoon he found a bigger booty in his cheap-sweets treasure hunting. At Target he scored a big bag of assorted fun-size candies and brought me a bag of mellowreme pumpkins as well as pumpkin spice Hershey’s kisses and M&Ms. I’d forgotten trying the pumpkin spice M&Ms last year and immediately remembered when I tasted on today! I can’t figure out why the kisses are easier to find. They are good, but made with milk confection rather than chocolate; they only sate the pumpkin craving. The M&Ms are a heavenly combination of milk chocolate and pumpkin spice. Next year I’ll get the M&Ms from Target first then look for a bag of kisses in November.

Now the talking points from last night: There is never an issue with Peanut Butter Cups. They are always good at any price and on sale they reach new points of nirvana. But, while I thought the half-price was wonderful, I don’t really understand the K-Cups being on closeout sale yet. Halloween is over but it’s still pumpkin season until the last pumpkin pie dessert plate is washed after Thanksgiving dinner. They’re dissing the turkey for the fat man in the red suit again!

I don’t really hold that against Santa. It’s just something else the evil corporations are doing to kill our traditions and take our money.

Remember to vote Tuesday!

Anyone reading this ever get a can of soda in their treat bag when they were kids? I mean even a little can takes up precious candy space in the bag and it doesn’t take to many cans to weight a TON for a little kid. Who thinks of these things?

We could probably blame that on corporations too, but I’m really not on a political soap box today. Wheelchair lady already voted absentee. But I encourage everyone to exercise their American right to vote. If you don’t take part you give up your right to complain. You don’t deserve the fruits of or protection from our government either.

Just sayin’; Make sure you vote – better to be part of the system than to be helplessly run over by the system.

I have a scrapbook page that I did Saturday to share:

Credits: Pieces from; Bumpershoots and Puddle Makers by Cherekaye Designs and 
Lissykay Designs, Chill In The Air collab by the Designers at Ginger Scraps,Ginger 
Scraps, Autumn Art paint clusters by Day Dreams ‘n Designs, Rain overlay by Miss Edna, 
First Frost by Seatrout Scraps, September Morn by Mandy King, Snowball Fight 
elements by JenC Designs, Snuggle Season by Mandy King and Mye De Leon, 
Winter Blues by Chunlin Kathryn's Digital Designs

Art journaling really is scrapbook poetry. There was a specific emotion I was feeling as I selected the pieces to make this Page, as I searched for just the right “costumed kids” to represents the Halloween beggars. That emotion was strong as I assembled the page. I have that page posted in a few scrapbook galleries and on Facebook. I’ve gotten comments but none that get that same emotion from the page. This picture-book poet has no problem if people don’t feel the same thing looking as I did creating, but the differences in what people get out of ”art” are fascinating to me. I’d love to hear a word or two about what you feel looking at it.

Thanks for sharing…and remember to vote!


Edna B said...

I love your scrap layout. Such sad little goblins. It has a feeling of sadness about it. It's bad enough that mankind is taking away all our fun holidays, but Mother Nature is also doing he best to ruin our trick or treating fun on this night.

I love those Reese's peanut butter cups!!!!! That and a Mounds bar, and I can be a very happy little camper.

I too believe that it is too soon to put all the pumpkin spice foods on sale. This past week, I saw turkeys on sale, but then everything else spoke of Christmas. What about all our fun turkey stuff?

Now I will go read your next post. You have a super day, Nani. Hugs, Edna B.

seamhead gypsy said...

We voted! Kathy mailed (well, I mailed it actually) her ballot on Saturday since she is in the Land of Cleaves today. Katie and woke up a few minutes early and we went to the polls together and I voted before her school bus arrived. I think she was the only student with one of those "I heart voting" stickers.
Katie & I have only missed one election where we haven't gone to the polls together. And that was because I was out of town and sent my ballot in early that year