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Isolation: When Our Disease Makes Us Withdraw

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Friday, October 17, 2014

East of Toledo

At the beginning of last month I sent David on a break from being the caregiver vacation and to start this month he went on vacation and took me with him! He tries to schedule vacation time in the fall to take advantage of the fall colors for photography. We saw some beautiful scenery! The picture up top is a road view in Vermont from the passenger’s side. It was my first time in Vermont adding another state to my “states visited” list bringing me to 37 of the 50!

Here’s another Vermont shot; what’s more classic New England than a covered bridge with fall colors surrounding it?
Photo Credit to David on this one

I think I was most impressed with the colors in Upstate New York.

I love the added hay rolls, as if the colors weren’t autumn enough.

And of course I photograph many things when we travel, but “the train’s the thing!”

There was nice color on the east side of Northern Ohio too.

On the way home, on Monday the 13, there were a lot of clouds with an occasional peek of sun and we concentrated on Bicentennial Barns on the far end of the state where we usually are passing through without stopping.

Summit County
Taken by David who has a little more natural elevation from the roadside

And this one I took just because I like older post offices and this was just a breathtaking fall scene!
I’ve been taking it easy this week; vacation recovery, haha, but the yellows are looking very nice out my window, especially against the rain-darkened brown on the trees. I might get out and snap a few photos even though we have mostly clouds.


Christine Kajfasz said...

I was anxiously awaiting those New England photos:) absolutely breathtaking!! Felt like I was there;) I'm glad you got to see it first hand:)

seamhead gypsy said...

Nice pics! I think there is a famous chocolate place in Vermont. We visited it a couple of times when we lived in NH. I think it's called Birdicks Chocolate. Kathy really likes the fall foliage. We used to take day trips up to Maine and the White Mountains in NH just to see the fall colors. Glad you had a nice trip. And with your trip to Vermont, you have me by 8 states!

Edna B said...

Your foliage photos are just wonderful. We have a lot of nice color around here too but I haven't had a chance to go out looking for photos. I've been busy exercising my fingers with a crochet hook. lol.

It's good that you had a chance to see Vermont in the Fall. If I'd known you were that close last week, Pogo and I would have driven up there to meet you. Ah well, another time.

Pogo's new door is such a blessing, however it gives him more reasons to bark. There's always a lot of birds and small critters outside our door. Needless to say, they keep Pogo quite busy on his bark patrol.

Well, I've had my break and now I must get back to my crocheting. So much to do, so little time. You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.