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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Holy Toledo; My Kingdom For Water!

You’ve likely heard by now that Toledo is in a water crisis! #emptyGlassCity is trending on social media. The Glass City, that’s us, is absolutely an empty glass right now.

As I’ve read, the alert went out at about 2AM that we have toxic levels of microcysten from a large algae bloom in Lake Erie that infected the water supply. The bottled water was pretty much gone from any stores by the time we woke up. Most of the local restaurants are closed because they have no water for cooking or cleaning anything. Remember the frozen pipes in February? This is that and worse. Since it’s all of the area we can’t stay in a local hotel for showers and to wash a few dishes and none of the local stores have any bottled water to sell! There is bottled water coming in from lots of areas and being given away at local distribution centers. As for us, David working in news means he’s been gone all day and still not home and I have to have a day’s notice to go anywhere. Tomorrow morning before David has to be back at work and just before my dad goes in to work we’re meeting him in the parking lot at his job. He got us 10 gallons plus a few cases of smaller bottles. A great king will always be his princess’ hero!

Yesterday a truck driver perished when he drove his truck into Tony Packo's; yes THE Tony Packo’s restaurant made famous by Jamie Farr as Klinger on MASH. It hadn’t been confirmed when I read the story yesterday but they think he suffered a medical, maybe a heart attack, which caused him to drive the semi into the entrance of the famed restaurant.

So yesterday it was a famous Toledo landmark and today our water. So far August doesn’t seem to like us much.

Onto baseball news. Okay that is another part of my rough week! The trade deadline was Thursday, the last day of July, and..

Let me regain my composure here…



When they started the “Who’s your Tiger” ads way back, my answer was always “Curtis Granderson.”  Then they traded Curtis to the Yankees in between the 2009 & 10 seasons and my Detroit baseball heart cried. But the season of “Who’s your Yankee” started and I “discovered” the new outfielder they called up that was part of the trade that sent Granderson away and I had a new Tiger to love! Austin Jackson was decent with a bat but AMAZING with his glove and I LOVE good defense! So my answer to that “Who’s your Tiger?” question was Austin Jackson without hesitation. And on Thursday my Detroit baseball hear screamed and cried again. Austin Jackson is now the answer to “Who’s your Mariner?”

The Mariners are in Detroit for one more series this year. I got tickets to the August 17 game. I’ve been thinking about making a t-shirt that says “Who’s your Mariner” with a 16, Jackson’s new number, in tiger stripe letters.

Okay, so there’s my catching up for the week. Things should be better soon. In August I have tickets for a Mud Hens game with the MS Society and three MLB games. To buy some water tomorrow I’ll just pull a few dollars out from under my nails because with tickets for three Major League games in a month I’m obviously made out of money! Okay, actually I just pass on a few new blouses and ta-dah: baseball tickets. I’m careful to wear different shirts when my picture is taken! ;)


seamhead gypsy said...

You like,defense? Watch Red Sox CF'er Jackie Bradley Jr. He's smooth. Has a ton of OF putout assists and patrols CF as well as or better than anyone in the game today. I hope we see some outstanding plays in Cincinnati in a couple of weeks!

Nani said...

I'll get a look at the game and if Brandon Phillips is off the DL by then we should have some great D on both sides! :)

Edna B said...

Oh boy!! I heard about the water crisis this morning on the news. When is nature going to give us a break? Thank God for DADS!!!!

What is wrong with our governments? In a situation like this, Army trucks should have been out delivering water to every home with an elderly or physically handicapped person, and to hospitals and animal shelters.

And how in the world did a toxic cloud get formed and find it's way to Toledo? I wonder how they are going to clean up that toxic water?

Gosh, so many questions, so few answers. Mankind needs to wake up soon or they won't have to worry about much of anything later on.

I'm just glad that you are okay and that Dad is bringing you some water.

The Red Sox have done a bit of house cleaning too, and I'm not sure I'll be recognizing many names any more. So what else is new? lol.

Now it's time for me to wander out to the kitchen and cook up a hamburger for my little guy. You have a wonderful evening my friend. Hugs, Edna B.