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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear David!

June 11, Red Sox @ Blue Jays

Yanno, at certain times of the year I just don’t blog all the time because, well, because I’m not in front of the computer to blog!

Last weekend we were in Toronto! My birthday gift to David this year was dinner and a ball game. Well, the Red Sox were in Toronto on June 11, so I took him to dinner in Toronto too, since we’d already be there for the game! The Red Sox really had their way with the Blue Jays all weekend long, including the 16-4 shellacking on Saturday, when we were there. I have told him to remember the gift I gave him when he takes me to see The Reds for my birthday!

After the game, we went to dinner at Kit Kat Italian Bar and Grill. What a wonderful meal! Incredible ambiance all the way! We sat in the outdoor patio, listening to Frank Sinatra and others doing American and Italian standards until the live jazz from a few doors down took over as sunset segued into a vibrant city evening.

Antipasti Misto

I had an antipasti misto, veggies grilled just to the perfect middle of crispy and flavorfully cooked with Italian lunchmeats and cheese. Canadian food laws in the area of aging and curing luncheon meats and cheeses make the Canadian variety of the Italian favorites I grew up with in Michigan just a bit more of a spoil for the palate. And did I say the veggies were good? I mean HEAVENLY good! Also the coffee, a latte with Italian grounds, espresso brewed. I had one before dinner and one with dessert, YUM!

Okay, and this was dinner for David’s birthday, so let me make it clear that it’s not just me. He enjoyed it too. Before we left, I was perusing the Toronto dining online. He said he wanted a steak or maybe his swordfish for the year for his birthday. The steakhouses had good sounding menus, but the average steak dinners were in the $60-80 range. It’s not that my wonderful man isn’t worth every penny of that, but my bank account isn’t so worth every penny of that. Kit Kat’s menu included many good sounding dishes, including a couple of steaks for a bit less. I could even afford us wine and dessert!

When our waiter told us the specials, I smiled. It was swordfish with a mango relish. That was what we both ordered. Now, you know you’ll be served well when the owner of the restaurant and a friend are in the table next to yours. You also know you’ve made an excellent choice for dinner when said owner is enjoying the same meal you ordered! The swordfish was wonderful, with more of those great veggies! While chatting with the owner, we mentioned that we were celebrating David’s birthday and after the meal, our server brought out a tiramisu with a candle for him! We ordered a fudge cake and shared both. It’s definitely a restaurant I’ll want to go back to and one I’ll recommend to friends and family as a must-eat-there in Toronto!

You probably noticed my Tweet Box in the right column. Yes, I’ve decided to use my Twitter account. That’s baseball oriented too. Brandon Phillips, second base for the Reds has an account that he uses regularly. Twitter is the source where the Cardinals rivalry with the Reds brews! Brandon tweets tongue in cheek bravado with Cardinals fans and he is a “hated man," greeted with choruses from the St. Louis boo-birds. That rivalry he has with the fans under The Arch seems to make him bring his A-game to St. Louis.

Brandon’s Tweets are not all about jeering the opposition’s fans. He Tweets from a players perspective about the games and things going on in the Cincinnati community. He welcomes tweets from his fans and sometimes gives prizes for trivia. One kid Tweeted to invite him to come to their little league game on a Reds off day. Sounds cute and crazy-kid, huh? Brandon went to the game, met the kid and signed autographs while spending time with the little league team! When the Reds were in San Francisco, there was an interview with a couple of reds fans on TV. They weren’t Reds fans from San Francisco or fans that bought tickets while they were on a baseball vacation. They were fans who answered a trivia question on Brandon Phillips’ Twitter page and won tickets to the game. In interview, they said they figured they’d get the tickets and try to find a discount fare to go to the game. Nope. Brandon included the full trip as the prize! As much as I complain about the prices of MLB things going up with all the money the players make, I can’t complain about Brandon Phillips. He gives back in a huge way. Sure the personal love from his fans must feel good, but he’s giving back not just things, but of himself in a more personal way than a lot do! Now, I don’t actively get involved in the Twitter games. I don’t have Twitter on all the time anymore than I do Facebook, but I DO follow DatDudeBP.

I’m going to try to leave a one-liner for the day on Twitter that will also show up on The Chronicles. If you have a Twitter account, please feel free to follow me and interact with me there!


seamhead gypsy said...

Belated B-day wishes to David! I'm glad you two were able to see the Red Sox in person. I was lucky enough to see them a few times while living in Cleveland and also once in Fenway! And while it's not the Red Sox, we are going down to the Ohio Riverfront on Sunday to see the Reds and the Blue Jays.

Edna B said...

Happy belated birthday David, from me too! I'm so glad my beloved Red Sox were good for you. I know I don't mention them often, but I think they are just the greatest!! Your birthday meal sounds just yummy. It's almost lunchtime here, so I wonder if there is something just as tasty in my fridge. Hmmmm.

I'm wishing you many more wonderful birthdays. Hugs, Edna B.

Edna B said...

Did I just read that Baggle has gone to Rainbrow Bridge? Oh Nani, I am so sorry. My heart hurts for you. You have so many beautiful memories of Baggle. Hang on to those. Tootsie and I will say a little prayer for Baggle.

Hugs, Edna B.