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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Okay, I’m hoping you all don’t leave comments saying, “please don’t,” but this week I’m going to try to blog every day. I don’t usually do that, although sometimes I have in the past. There are a few blogs that I read every day that have a new entry every day and I really enjoy them. Sometimes it’s a short note about what’s going on in the day, other times it’s big news and sometimes it’s just a couple lines to say, “hello,” and give a link to a scrapbook freebie. I can’t promise I will blog every day from now on, but I’m planning on every day this week. I’m also hoping to get a few Mug Shots done this week so on weeks where time is taxed, or I’m just not feeling mug-inspired, I still have a feature for Monday. Here’s hoping that plan works!

This afternoon I’ll be cracking open the XML text again to start my catching up work. I have three chapters and the final exam to complete and turn in, but I’m going to go back a few chapters and redo the reading and work to get up to speed first. The worst of my stress and mental anxiety over the medical stuff is over, so I should be able to catch up the work and actually “get” it.

We’re still on “arc alert.” The rain hasn’t been hard today, but there still has already been some rain and it’s just dark out. These are the days that make me want coffee. I have this problem with coffee. Caffeine is a natural diuretic, which means that it dehydrates you if you over do it. Yeah, there’s the “ZZZZT!” factor too when it starts making you jumpy. Two cups won’t do that to me, but if I’m going to drink more than a cup, it’s more economical to make a pot than use the Keurig maker. So I make a pot which is 12 cups or about 5 mugs. On Sundays when we’re home and do hot breakfast I make a pot, one mug for David with a second cup if he wants one and two for me. I’ll usually heat up the rest of the pot for Monday breakfast. The carafe keeps it warm but not hot by Monday morning. The problem with dreary days that put me in the mood for coffee is that if I make a pot, I’ll drink it all by the evening. Too much caffeine and quite dehydrated by then! Since I’ve scaled back to one cup of regular coffee most days, that really has become TOO MUCH caffeine! I think I need a bag of decaf on hand for days like this! I’ll add that to my list.

One last thought on this gloomy Tuesday is shoes. Our 1950s era house was built before residential architects were run over by the clue bus with the words “MUD ROOM” written in large letters on a chipboard in the grill. We buck the norm in the area of footwear. David has WAY more shoes than I do. He has work/dress shoes, casual slip-ons, tennis shoes and two different kinds of boots. (I think one is for mud and the other is for MUD.) I have tennis shoes. There is a pair of white dress shoes and a pair of black in the closet upstairs and some flip flops/sandals. But in the main living area, where shoes that are currently worn a lot are, I have one pair to his five. With no mud room, shoes go on the mat near the door that just happens to be between the kitchen bathroom and outside door. I stumble over his shoes all the time. I’ve thought about putting little shoe-shelves just inside the bathroom, because there is just no room in the little hall for them. The only trouble is if I put little ledges in there, the bathroom door wouldn’t close. I’ll have to keep pondering a solution for this.

You know, if it would quit raining, shoes wouldn’t have to be taken off at the door.

Okay, to the books for me! May the solutions to all life’s troubles be the sunshine in all our worlds today!


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Edna B said...

A solution for too many pairs of shoes on the floor -- I had this problem with slippers. Ikea had these wonderful rattan wall baskets. They are 13" wide, 6" out from the wall, and the pocket part is 7"deep. I got three of them to hang on the wall just inside the bathroom door. A perfect solution for my slippers. I know I don't need this many slippers, but some are for company too. Hope this gives you some ideas. Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.