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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home Field Advantage – Cincinnati!

Congratulations NL All Stars! On behalf of the fans in Cincinnati, thank you for the home field advantage in October!

While I don’t like this whole garbage with the winner of the All Star Game having anything to do with the post season, I am enjoying the fact that for the first time since I’ve known him, David’s laugh comes from being entertained, not from sincerely laughing at me, when I talk about the Reds in October. We are barely in first place after a rough last series before the All Star Game, but in first place we are!

David asked me tonight what would happen if the Tigers and Reds faced each other. Well, in Interleague garbage, I find myself leaning more towards the Reds, but I do my leaning while sitting on the fence. I am a National League fan, but I’ve loved the Tigers as long as I’ve loved baseball, since I was 2. I’ve loved the Reds about 4 years less than the Tigers. I was the same kind of torn in the 1995 NLCS. I went in sure I was cheering for the Braves because they had become my home team to be. But I ended up only being able to enjoy the games and celebrate every victory and sting from every defeat. I’m sure the same would be true in a Reds and Tigers World Series. Either win would be a little bittersweet, but I’d win either way! Honestly, It’s not a bad way to be torn at all!

Speaking of the Braves, it was Brian McCann who cleared the bases and posted all the runs that won in the 3-1 victory and was the game’s MVP. There were some great defensive plays. David would comment about the play and I’d respond “All Star…” Not as in “they’d better be great,” but as in “of course they’re great!”

I haven’t really watched the All Star Game in a few years. Too much hype and not the fun it used to be. Tonight was all that hype, but some good playing too. Yes, I scrapped while the game was on, but I ended up scrapping slower than planned!

Now tomorrow is a day off, or maybe watching the AAA All Star Game. Then the second half of the season starts. I’ve been telling David for 5 years that Cincinnati is a second half team. THIS is the year I’ll be proven right!

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seamhead gypsy said...

If the Reds are in the WS and the Red Sox are not, I'll lean to the Reds. Otherwise it's Red Sox for me!

Back in May one of my neighbors "busted my chops" and asked me what is it going to feel like when the Reds finish the season with a better record then the Red Sox. I told him that wasn't going to happen, but if it did that I would buy a Reds flag and hang it from my house next opening day. I've been sweating it out all season. And there is a real possibility that the Red Sox could finally succumb to the injury pandemic that has taken over the clubhouse and actually have less wins than the Reds. Sooooo....I've got two ideas. One is to fly the Reds flag from the "back" of my house on opening day, or two, get one of those little 12 inch Reds flags and fly it under the large 3 foot by 5 foot Red Sox flag.

I haven't decided what to do, but I figure I have some time.