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Monday, May 17, 2010

First Place!


That looks so good to see in print. It sounds so good to hear out loud. It FEELS so good to say!!

Yeah, I know, at the start of yesterday they were in second and it’s only May and blah, blah, blah. Let me have my moment for now…and I hope my season for 2010! Yanno, in 1975 they didn’t start out so hot and then well, if you’re a baseball fan, you know the story of the Big Red Machine!

The era of The Machine was when I became a Reds fan. I was 9 years old when they won the World Series for the first time in my life. From about 7 years old, I was supplementing my Catholic school education in reading and math with the sports section of the newspaper following Pete Rose and The Reds. Pete was the only player at the time whose cards shared space in my jewelry box with Al Kaline. Everyone else was in the shoebox, but Rose and Kaline were the jewels of summer to me!

Now, well I call my laptop Joey, after Joey Votto. He and Brandon Phillips are my favorite Reds. If there is a Reds-Tigers World Series, hard to tell where my allegiance would fall. In 1995, I struggled on the fence in the NLCS. My newer team for my adopted future hometown was playing my beloved Reds. I really thought that it would be easy to cheer for the Braves; they were my favorite team, right? Yet I screeched in anguish, in a hotel no less, at the TV when Eddie Taubensee allowed a passed ball. I just couldn’t NOT cheer for the Reds. Before they were on Fox Sports Ohio, I did watch the Interleague Play games when they played the Tigers because opportunities to watch the Reds were so scarce. I had a hard time sitting on the fence then too. It could be because I like National League ball better, but it could also be because I remember the love form Mom when the Tigers won in 1968. I remember the magic when the Reds won in 1975.

David got me the book, "The Machine," for Christmas and now that I’ve had some time without school, I’ve been reading it. Reliving that magic as an adult is making my inner child, and outer adult, want that magic again. It’s been 35 years since that magical first Big Red Machine championship, 20 years since the last time the Reds won it all. It starts with that first rise to the top. Is this the year again?? I hope so!!


Veelana said...

Glad this makes you happy :-) I really don't know anything about baseball, but its always great to read a blogpoast about things that make people happy!


seamhead gypsy said...

On Katie's birthday we we're sitting at our table when my neighbor saw us. They have twin girls the same age as Katie and stopped to chat. I was asked the question, "how is it going to feel when the Reds have a better record than the Red Sox at the end of the season?" I never hesitated and told him that wouldn't happen. "In fact," I said, "If the Reds do have a better record than the Red Sox, I'll buy a Reds flag and fly it from my house on opening day!" Around my neck of the world I'm the only person who flies a Red Sox flag from my house. I don't have to look at the standings to know where I stand but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was concerned!